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  travetine tiles, beautiful beige
Stone Connection Australia’s travertine will forever change your perception of what beige can do. The subtle tones, soft irregular patterns and gentle feel are all the great design features of the stone. Travertine is formed through the erosion of limestone deposits by underground rivers, geysers and streams giving the stone its distinctive, smooth yet porous surface. We hand-select our stone from some of the most notable travertine producing quarries and factories in the world, which ensures that we only offer the most desirable colours and finishes for the Australian market

 For a modern and visually stunning finish for both inside and out, travertine pavers, travertine slabs, travertine pool copings and stair treads can be selected. Stone Connection Australia offers one of the largest selections of high quality travertine tiles and travertine stone flooring, countertop and paver products with prices and sizes to suit any budget and any design you have in mind. Our standard colours are classico (beige), ivory (light), noce (dark brown) and silver. Other travertine colours also include; rosso (red), scabbis (yellow/ red), walnut (light brown) and Italian Silver.

Classico Travertinetravertine02travertine06travertine07
Classico BeigeClassico IvoryNoce TravertineSilver Travertine
Rosso TravertineScabbis TravertineWalnut TravertineItalian Silver Travertine

With travertine, there are many different finishes as well. The two main ones are filled and un-filled. Filled is just when the holes have been grouted by the factory. There are many types of fills used. Cement based is the most common. It is as durable as any other and easy to fix. Epoxy fill is when a clear base is used in the holes. Although epoxy is very attractive and seems better due to high cost, it is not practical for all applications. If used outside, UV will colour change. Epoxy is also only proper if used in vein-cut travertine. This is because the holes are short and deep on vein-cut vs. Cross-cut where the holes are long and shallow. Other products are mastic. If un-happy with the factory fill, un-filled is the way to go. Use your own colour selection on grout for a perfect finish. 
When selecting Travertine, the process can be very daunting. When making a decision the most important factor is whether or not the aesthetics meet your desired look and the material is of proper calibration for installation. The main difference between different countries is the colours available. Roman Classico, Turkish Classico and Classico from Iran can all have very different appearances, while at the same time very similar. Turkish silver is very different from Italian Silver travertine. With our stock we source for consistency in both colour and calibration. Each quarry has different looks and each factory different quality control. If a product is not calibrated properly, then the savings is not significant.



Stone Connection Australia’s showroom is located south-west of Sydney in Bankstown. Customers are invited to visit at 96-100 Canterbury Rd, Bankstown, NSW 2200. Showroom hours are Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday 10am-2pm. 
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