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Stone Connection Australia - Landscape Design; Pavers, Feature Walls and PoolStone Connection Australia - Landscape Design; Pavers, Feature Walls and Pool Tiles Tiles

At Stone Connection Australia, we understand the importance in making sure the beauty showcased within a projects walls are properly transferred to the outside. Embracing the wonderful climate of our region is a key element to most architecture. Whether it is a quick BBQ with the family or entertaining the mates, outdoor living is an important factor to the Australian lifestyle.
When selecting hard surface d├ęcor for exterior, Stone Connection Australia invites you to view our  and fantastic range of outdoor products. Our selection includes pavers, tiles, feature wall tiles, pool tiles and more. Our pavers are properly displayed outside in large 1200x1200 individual frames with over 50 choices. Materials include; granite, limestone, marble, sandstone, bluestone, basalt, slate, travertine and pressed concrete. Inside the showroom, there are dozens of slip-resistant tiles in both natural stone and porcelain. To compliment any and all flooring selections, SCA also has a full display of the finest feature tiles including such brands as Trend and Ezarri.
Below, we would like to present our current staff picks.

Natural Stone
Cool travertine is red hot. Forming a smooth transition from the interior to exterior we are seeing clients applying throughout. Travertine pavers are available in several formats and colours. Popular formats include; 610x610x30mm, 610x406x30mm and French pattern. In addition, pool copings, steps and slabs are available for custom application. Colours range from light beige to brown with silver, red and yellow also abound. Travertine is a proper product for outside. Often in light colours, it remains cool on the feet in the summer sun and the natural calcium composition feels nourishing on the skin.

Brand new from Italy is the Starker series by Unicom. Using advance technology and the finest minerals, these tiles are a true mimic of natural stone minus the maintence. Available in several shades and sizes, Starker tiles look just like natural sandstone, slate and quartzite without the sealing, staining and variation in sizing. Upon first review, many have a hard time distinquishing the series from the real options. When looking for a clean but natural look this series takes it.

A custom blend of Italian glass from Trend is the perfect compliment to any pool. With a complete rainbow of colours and various finishes, Trend glass elevates any design. In addition to the beauty enhancement, Trend offers their tiles with a clear plastic face application. This allows all the tiles to properly adhere to the glue without interference of a mesh backing. The clear plastic is also a benefit in that work can be viewed properly during set for elimination of lines between sheets.

When finalizing the landscape, one key element has to be added for completion. That is the grill. For a proper benchtop work surface around the barbie that will endure countless parties, sun and time, Jet Black granite with a leather finish is our favorite. The leather finish blends perfectly with the rougher finishes associated with exterior flooring and adds a unique take on an older classic. Granite is also king for benchtops in durability. Unlike engineered stone, there is no fear with heat, sunlight and scratches.

When time comes for deciding, Stone Connection Australia invites you to visit our design showroom open to the public just southwest of Sydney in Bankstown.
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