Wednesday, 11 May 2011



Pure White, Wine-Proof, Sunlight Safe, and Affordable!
Marmoglass™ is a revolutionary new product available only at Stone Connection Australia. Marmoglass™ was born through the love of pure white from architects and designers and the frustration in finding something pure, consistent, resin free and durable.

Stone Connection Australia’s Marmoglass™ is comprised of three main elements; quartz (glass), porcelain and feldspar (main granite ingredient) which are refined to a nano-level and molten into slab form.  From there the slabs can be cut into tiles or custom sizes for application.  Because no resins are employed as in engineered stone, direct UV rays have no affect on colour.  In addition, it has a “0” porosity level and a moh’s hardness of 6-7 like granite.  This makes Marmoglass™ the perfect choice for exterior cladding, bench tops, splashbacks, island kick panels and anything desired in pure white.

Standard slab sizes are 3.05m x 1.44m x 20mm.  Fabrication requires the same tools as in working with stone.  Edge profiles will match surface gloss using the same procedures as granite.  To cut water feed is required along with a micro-glass specific blade.  After each cut-pass, saw operators will also need to re-open the blades diamond by cutting into a piece of sandstone due to the hardness.


Why consider Marmoglass™ from Stone Connection Australia?

Pure White, No Grain, No Veins, No Variation!
“0” porosity, No Stains, Simple to clean
Durability, Extremely scratch resistant
No Resins!  Won’t fade in direct UV Ray contact, No harmful emissions in your kitchen
Perfect for both commercial and residential

Commercial Application Examples

Retail Fit-out, the pure white and high shine equal the perfect compliment vs distraction for products
Cladding both interior and exterior, repels graffiti, UV-safe, no more hand smudges
Lobby Flooring for a bright entrance
Restrooms, “0” porosity is hygienic and will resist colour change due to cleaners and public use

Residential Application



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