Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Glass Mosaics at Stone Connection!

Are you remodeling or building a new pool? Well Stone Connection Australia has got the solutions for you. With a wide range of brands, styles and colours we can certainly help you find a suitable product for your project.
Our most popular choices are the brands Trend, Reviglass and Ezarri.
Trend is an Australian brand with hundreds of different colour options. Their new Summer Series range has a handful of colours particularly complimentary for pools. Whereas Trend mosaics traditionally use the paper face system, this new range uses the netting system which is economical and practical for easy installation.

Reviglass is from Spain and is a leader in producing a premium quality product that is 100% recycled and environmentally friendly. Their mosaics use the 'Hot Melt' system- a silicone based netting system, and are available in an extensive range of colours and design.
Ezarri is also made in Spain and are the veterans of glass mosaic. As well as being environmentally sustainable they specialize in anti-slip mosaics. They use the Joint Point system which guarantee perfect, uniform installation of the product. Ezzari has a wide range of collections made up of various colours, styles and finishes such as iridescent and glow in the dark mosaics.

And why stop at the pool? All these glass mosaics are also great ideas for feature walls, bathrooms and kitchens.
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