Thursday, 6 December 2012

Striato Travertine Vein Cut

Striato Travertine Vein Cut now at Stone Connection Australia!

Stone Connection Australia is proud to announce its new arrival of Striato Travertine Vein Cut from Turkey.  These tiles are a classic medium shade similar in appearance to the Italian Romano.  Vein-cut is the most classic and enduring look in travertine. Being cut this way, it shows the layers built up over millions of years and gives a lovely linear appearance. Our Vein Cut Travertine comes filled and honed leaving a lovely matte finish.  In addition to the alternative appearance of the cross-cut, vein-cut can be more suitable for heavy traffic areas as the holes are long, narrow and deep vs. the wide, shallow fill found on cross-cut.

Travertine is one of the most frequently used stones in modern architecture and works well with modern interior colour schemes. This stone is durable and commonly used for flooring and wall cladding in all areas, including  some wet areas. When used on walls the veins running across each tile look particularly effective. It is also great for fireplaces, paving patios and garden paths. Two iconic installations within the city are the Ivy Bar and Art Museum.

Sizes Available:
* 610 x 305 x 12mm
* 812 x 406 x 15mm
* 914 x 457 x 15mm

Striato Travertine Vein Cut

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Striato Travertine Vein Cut