Thursday, 6 December 2012

Flagstone Mat Tiles

Flagstone Mat Tiles


Random Pattern Flagstone Mat Tiles!

Stone Connection Australia is excited to introduce Flagstone Mats to its selection of products. Hot on the market right now, Flagstone Mats are an increasingly popular choice for paths courtyards, patio, gardens and driveways. Flagstone Mats are made of slate or quartzite. Selected natural stones are adhered to a unique mesh backing with each mat covering .25m2 and being of the same geometrical shape, although the size of the stones are different on each. The random pattern, once installed, will show no signs of repetition and the finished product looks as if each stone was placed individually. Flagstone mats are suitable for both outside and inside flooring and wall decorations for residential, commercial and landscaping projects. Using Flagstone Mats greatly reduces the installation/labor time and eliminates the need of creativity from the installer. The mats can also be installed in different ways in order to cater for the look or feel you wish to create. Laying the
flagstone dry or with plant material in between makes the surface permeable which has the benefit of ground-capture runoff, reducing water evaporation and let alone is more appealing than other materials. Planting moss, turf or ground cover throughout the stones provides an inviting and relaxing space.

Rustic Flagstone Mat Tiles

Three Colours: Rustic, Black & Quartzite
Black Slate Flagstone Mat 
Quartzite Flagstone Mat