Thursday, 21 July 2011

Stone Connection Australia- Custom Stone Project Design

When designing stone surfaces for an upcoming project, finding the perfect stone in the perfect size at the perfect price can be daunting.  Often we find many clients that compromise on the outcome of their dreams due to lack of local stock availability.  Assisting clients in realizing their dreams is a major facet of Stone Connection Australia through our container direct and cut-to-size programs. 
Being part of the largest stone group in the world, our sourcing ability cannot be matched by any other company within Australia.  With offices/ facilities in every major stone market, sourcing the right product is not a challenge.  Often many suppliers rely on a single contact, country or quarry for their inventory.  Our world is different.  Our group comprises of over 90 quarries world wide, the oldest block trading name in the business, and some of the largest processing facilities in the world.  In purchasing, SCA has 23 branches world-wide thus guaranteeing the best volume buying power.
What does this mean for you?  When buying locally through available stock, all importers have to account for current trends, demand and the costly overhead in storing and marketing.  SCA is no exception to the rules.  However, when ordering specifically for client’s projects, these rules can be broken.  By eliminating the speculation required for turn-over on stock items, cost can be reduced and all details of a job can be fulfilled as expected. 
With construction time frames being lengthy processes due to council approvals, design finalization and actual construction, custom ordering makes sense.  If a project meets certain volume requirements, this is the best way to purchase your stone.  Ideas for custom ordering include; tiles, pavers, cladding, staircases, and all custom cut pieces.  If using the same colour or combining different stones throughout, SCA can advise the best solutions.  Sizing is only limited to budget and realistic product yields. 
Through special order, clients can achieve a perfect harmony throughout.  If a project requires a large quantity of a single colour, all product can be cut from matching blocks instead of pieced together from alternative lots.  Staircases will match flooring.  Cladding matches pavers.  Last, cost is greatly reduced due to lack of storage and speculation on ordering allowing for further use of stone.  
When time comes for fulfilling your dreams, Stone Connection Australia welcomes your inquiry for all your natural stone interest.  In our design center, ideas can be obtained by viewing our vast selection of travertine, limestone, marble, onyx, granite, sandstone, basalt and fine porcelains.  Our showroom is located just southwest of Sydney at 96-100 Canterbury Rd, Bankstown, NSW 2200.  P: 02 9790 4811 or E: